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“Fine web since 1996”

The web is constantly evolving.

Through our passion we play along on the edge which gives us unique knowledge.


Eksperten was launched in 1998 and soon after became the largest IT community in Scandinavia. Eksperten was sold to IDG in 2002 and is still going strong.


Sharksforum launched in 2001 as a spinoff from Eksperten. We had plenty of freelance connections but too few who requested them, thus in 2006 we decided to close it.


Content management delivered online. No installation required. Webalogic have served clients since 1998.


Hosted content management.


Gignal aggregates content created at events and presents it on your site and on physical screens.


  • Konfect ~ Social network connection manager.
  • SwipeSave ~ Savings concept.


Exercise with friends, in each your home.


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